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Department of Urban Development
University of Taipei


Chiu, Yin Hao

NameChiu, Yin Hao

TitleDean, College of City Management


PhD, School of Architecture and Built Environment , University of Nottingham.

MSc, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University of Wales.

ExpertiseUrban Regeneration, Building and Urban Design, Eco-city and Green Building, Wing Engineering, Urban Planning 


·             Steering of review board, Council of Regional Study and Geography Discipline, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology.(Current)

·             Editorial Board, Ergonomics International Journal (EOIJ)(Current)

·             Chairman of Urban and Regional Study(Current)

·             Member, Council of Urban Planning, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior(Current)

·             Member, Council of Urban Design Review, Taipei City Government.(Current)

·             Member, Council of Urban Design Review, New Taipei City Government. (Current)

·             Member, Council of Environmental Impact Assessment Review, New Taipei City Government. (Current)

·             General Consultant of Environment and Landscape, New Taipei City Government. (Current)

·             General Consultant of Environment and Landscape, Taoyuan City Government. (Current)

·             Board Director, Taiwan Indoor Healthy Environment Association. (Current)

·             Advisor, Architecture association of the R.O.C. (Current)

·             Board Director, Association of Glocal Development. (Current)

·             Supervisors, Taiwan Society Of Construction Engineers. (Current)

·             Supervisors, Taiwan Association for Wind Engineering. (Current)

·             Permanent member, Taiwan Institute of Urban Planning. (Current)

·             Permanent member, Chinese Institute of Urban Design. (Current)

·             Permanent member, Color Association of Taiwan. (Current)

·             Permanent member, Chinese Regional Science Association-Taiwan. (Current)



Office phone number886-2-2871-8288 #3101




(1)   Chang, C. Y.; Chiu, Y. H.*; Wang, J. W. (2017). Application of Mixed Multicriteria Decision-Making Methods to Determine the Optimal Development Industries for the Taoyuan Aerotropolis, Taiwan. Journal of Urban Planning and Development (SSCI). (Under review).

(2)   Liu, C. C.; Chiu, Y. H.* (2017). Comparative Research on Different Real Estate Markets under Different Land Control Systems. Housing Studies (SSCI) (Under review).

(3)   Liu, C. C.; Chiu, Y. H.* (2017). Research on Construction of Index System for Property Value Assessment. Housing Studies (SSCI). (Under review).

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(6)   Chiang, C. C.; Chiu, Y. H.* (2017). Study of the Evaluation for Regeneration Projects of the Farm Pond in Taiwan. Expert Systems with Applications (SSCI). (Under review).

(7)   Hung, J. Y.; Chiu, Y. H.*; Lee, M. S. (2017). Social Network Analysis of an Urban Regeneration Policymaking Process. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (SSCI). (Under review).

(8)   Tseng, W. M.; Chiu, Y. H.*; Hsieh, C. N. (2017). Using Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Numerical Simulation to Investigate the Wind Environment and Thermal Comfort in Tunnels. Building Simulation (SCI). (Under review).

(9)   Chiu, Y. H.*; Wang, J. H. (2017). The Elaborated Assessment Framework of City Competitiveness from the Perspective of Regional Resource Integration. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science (SSCI). (Under review).

(10)   Chiu, Y. H.*; Chen, C. T. (2017). Pricing Rent of Social Housing under Uncertainty. Sustainability (SSCI). (Under review).

(11)   Chen, C. S.; Chiu, Y. H.*; Tsai, L. C. (2017). Evaluating the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings Through Multicriteria Decision-Making. Habitat International (SSCI) (Under review).

(12)   Chiu, Y. H.*; Huang, N. W.; Wang, C. C. (2017). A Comparison Study of Taiwanese He-Yuan Architecture between the Ethically Spatial Order and the Condition of Physical Environment. Building Simulation (SCI). DOI 10.1007/s12273-017-0391-y.

(13)   Liu, Y. Y.; Chiu, Y. H.* (2017). Evaluation of the Policy of the Creative Industry for Urban Development. Sustainability (SSCI), 9/6.

(14)   Pan, Y. C.; Chiu, Y. H.* (2017). Formulating Assessment Indices and Strategies for Local Industrial. Sustainability (SSCI), 9/3.

(15)   Kao, L. S.; Chiu, Y. H.*; Tsai, C. Y. (2017). An Evaluation Study of Urban Development Strategy Based on of Extreme Climate Conditions, Sustainability (SSCI), 9/2.

(16)   Lin, C. Y.; Chiu, Y. H.*; You, Z. W. (2016). An Investigation into the Tree and Layouts of Building on the Effects of Wind Environment. Journal of Architecture (TSSCI), No.95.

(17)   Lin, H. W.; Chiu, Y. H.*; Gao, L. H. (2016). Correlations between Urban Block Characteristics and Thermal Comfort. City and Planning (TSSCI), 43/1.

(18)   Chu, C. R*.; Chiu, Y. H.; Tsai, Y. T.; Wu, S. L. (2015). Wind-driven natural ventilation for buildings with two openings on the same external wall, Energy and Building (SCI), 108.

(19)   Chen, C. J.; Chiu, Y. H.* (2015). An Investigation into the Effects of Plants on Outdoor Thermal Comfort. Journal of Architecture(TSSCI), No.92, Summer.

(20)   Chiu, Y. H*.; Chen, C. J.; Chen, C. T. (2014). Effect of Closed Courtyard Pavement Type and Dimension on Microclimate. City and Planning (TSSCI), 41/1.

(21)   Chiu, Y. H.*; Wang, C. C.; Chiang, C. C. (2014). Simulation of the Influences of Planting and Pervious Pavement on the Street Surface Temperature. Journal of Architecture(TSSCI), No. 88, Summer.

(22)   Chiu, Y. H.*; Pan, Y. C.; Tan, C. H. (2014). Development of a Model for Predicting Thermal Comfort around Bodies of Water. City and Planning (TSSCI), 40/3.

(23)   Chiu, Y. H.*; Zhang, Z. M. (2013). The Influence of Environmental Colors on City Images: The Case of Dasi in Taoyuan .City and Planning (TSSCI), 40/1.

(24)   Wey, W. M.*; Chiu, Y. H. (2013). Assessing the walkability of pedestrian environment under the transit-oriented development. Habitat International (SSCI), 38.

(25)   Chiu, Y. H*.; Jheng, Y. M.; Hsieh, T. Y.(2012). Using Fuzzy Delphi Method and Analytic Network Process in the Development Assessment of the Cultural and Creative Industries Park. Journal of Architecture(TSSCI), No. 80, Summer.

(26)   Chiu, Y. H.* (2012). The Effects of Environmental Micro-climates due to the Area of Pervious Pavement in the Southern Zone of the Jhong Sing Village. City and Planning(TSSCI), 39/3.

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(29)   Chiu, Y. H.*; (2011). The Effects of Different Urban Street Layouts on Wind Patterns. City and Planning(TSSCI), 38/3.

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Research Projects

(1) A study of the influence of urban planning on the change of social networks by means of the method of space syntax and social network analysis (MOST 106-2410-H-845-016-MY3, principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu) (Year 2017 – July / 2020)

(2) A Research on the Strategy of Fostering the Development of Local Cultural and Creative Industries Based on the Innovation of Cultural Technology: Cases Study of Urban and Rural Sustainable Development in Taiwan (MOST 106-2410-H-003-126-MY2 (co-PI) : Y-H Chiu) (Year 2017-2019)

(3) The Urban Society Quality and People Satisfaction in Taiwan Metropolitan Area (MOST 105-2410-H-845-026-(co-PI) : Y-H Chiu) (Year 2016-2017)

(4) An investigation into the policy of city development based on the cultural creative industry(MOST 105-2410-H-845-011-MY3, principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu)(Year 2016 – July / 2019)

(5) Development of the planning method and governance mechanism for cross-boundary integration of cities based on global competitiveness(MOST 105-2420-H-845-001, principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu)(Year 2016 – December / 2017)

(6) An investigation into the reuse of different space types by the application of performance oriented parameter design(MOST 104-2410-H-845-024, principal investigator (PI):Y-H Chiu)(Year 2015 – July / 2016)

(7) The integrative urban planning of climatic change(MOST 103-2410-H-034-054, principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu)(Year 2014–July / 2015)

(8) The Effect of Green Elements on Urban Micro-climate(MOST 102-2410-H-034-060,principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu)(Year 2013–July / 2014)

(9) A study of the evaluation for the creative industry development(NSC 101-2410-H-034-047 , principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu)(Year 2012–July / 2013)

(10) Effects of trees and pervious pavements on mitigating heat island effect(NSC 100-2221-E-034-015, principal investigator (PI): Y-H Chiu)(Year 2011–July / 2012)

(11) Thermal comfort improving for urban residential areas using the approach of urban design control(II)(NSC 98-2221-E-034-018-MY2, principal investigator (PI): X.-T. Zhamg, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) : Y-H Chiu)(Year 2009–July / 2011)

(12) Application of Multi-agent Simulation System for Urban Living Environment Air Flow Field Analysis(NSC 98-2221-E-034-019, principal investigator (PI) :G-Z Wen, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) : Y-H Chiu)(Year 2009–July / 2010)

(13) An investigation into the effects of water fields on the changes of physical environment in urban areas (NSC 97-2410-H-034 -013 -MY2 (PI): Y-H Chiu) (Year 2008-2010)

(14) ECO-House---Smart Building with Wireless Sensor Network and Tiny-Weather Monitor Controlling(III)(NSC 97-2218-E-009-001, principal investigator (PI) :Y-Q Zheng, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) : Y-H Chiu)(Year 2008–July / 2009)

(15) Experimental Study of Important Factors on Pressure Ventilation(NSC 97-2221-E-008-066, principal investigator (PI):C.-R. Chu, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) :Y-H Chiu)(Year 2008–July / 2009)

(16) Integrating GIS and CFD for Simulating The Air Flow Field to Evaluation Environmental Carrying Capacity of Urban Resident Security Health(NSC 97-2221-E-034-015, principal investigator (PI) :G-Z Wen, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) :Y-H Chiu)(Year 2008 – October / 2009)

(17) Thermal comfort improving for urban residential areas using the approach of urban design control(NSC 97-2221-E-034-01, principal investigator (PI) : X-T Zhang, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) : Y-H Chiu)(Year 2008 – July / 2009)

(18) An investigation into the effects of urban wind patterns on urban planning method and strategy by the applications of RS and GIS(NSC 96-2221-E-034-024, principal investigator (PI) :Y-H Chiu)(Year 2007 – July / 2009)

(19) ECO-House---Smart Building with Wireless Sensor Network and Tiny-Weather Monitor Controlling(I)(ECO-House: NSC 95-2218-E-009-209, principal investigator (PI) :Y-Q Zheng, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) :Y-H Chiu)(Year 2006–July / 2008)

(20) The performances of the integration system of daylighting and ventilation stacks---vertical stack(NSC 95-2221-E-027-124, principal investigator (PI) :D-J Zhou, Co-principal investigator (co-PI) :Y-H Chiu)(Year 2006–July / 2007)

(21) Development of Unsteady Flow Model for the Design of Naturally Ventilated Buildings(NSC 95-2221-E-324-052, principal investigator (PI) :Y-H Chiu)(Year 2006 – July / 2007)

(22) A CFD Study of Unsteady Wind Effects on the Discharge Coefficients of Natural Ventilation Openings(I)(NSC 94-2218-E-324-005, principal investigator (PI) :Y-H Chiu)(Year 2005 – July / 2006)

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