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Chiu, Yin Hao

Yin-Hao Elton Chiu






PhD, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Nottingham

MSc, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University of Wales


Academic Position:

Acting President, University of Taipei

Professor, Department of Urban Development, University of Taipei


Research Interest:

Urban renewal, Urban and architecture design, Green buildings, Wind environment, Urban planning



  • Academic Committee Member of Review Board, Council of Earth science, Sci. & Tech. for Disaster Reduction and Prevention, Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Academic Committee Member of Review Board, Council of Taiwan Citation Index -Humanities and Social Sciences (THCI-HSS), Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Board Director of Urban and Regional Study
  • Director, Taiwan Instutite of Urban Planning
  • Committee Member, Council of Urban Planning, Ministry of the Interior
  • Committee Member, Council of Environmental Improvement and Land Developmen along Railroad Crossing, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  • Committee Member, Council of Idle Land of Industrial Park, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Director of the Board, National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center
  • Committee Member, Council of Urban Design and Land Use Development Permission Review, Taipei City Government
  • Committee Member, Council of Urban Design and Land Use Development Permission Review, New Taipei City Government
  • Director, Taipei Urban Regeneration Center
  • Committee Member, Urban Regeneration Station Review, Taipei City Government
  • Committee Member, Council of Environmental Impact Assessment Review, New Taipei City Government
  • Committee Member, Council of Urban Design Review,Keelung City Government
  • Consultant, National Association of Urban Planner


Papers (Published)

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