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Cheng, An Ting

NameAn-Ting Cheng 

TitleAssociate Professor

DegreePhD, School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University, UK


1.      Member of Industrial Bureau Think Tank, Ministry of Economic Affairs (2012~)

2.      Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy and Management, I-Shou University (2015~2017)

3.      Member of Regional Planning Committee, Ministry of the Interior, (2011~2014)

4.      Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy and Management, I-Shou University (2009~2015)

5.      Member of Regional Planning Committee, Tainan City Government (2015~2016)

6.      Member of International Development Network, Royal Town Planning Institute (2009~)

Member of Association of European Schools of Planning (2008~)

ExpertiseSpatial Planning, Regional development and Governance, Industrial Planning, Urban Regeneration, Resilient City

Office phone number7101



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2.      Cheng, A. (2015) The sectoral conflicts and policy responses in spatial planning, Taiwan Environmental & Land Law Journal, V14,pp.47-69.

3.      Cheng, A. (2014) From Spatial Planning to Regional Governance- A contextual study on regional planning, organization and governance institution in the UK under New Labour, City and Planning Taiwan (TSSCI) 41(2) pp.149-167.

4.      Cheng, A. (2014) The impact of new regional plan on sustainability of land use- a case of industrial sector, Taiwan Environmental & Land Law Journal, 2(2), pp.121-136.

5.      Cheng, A. (2014) An institutional-environment contrast to transitional countries based on gravity model: China versus Russia, Providence Studies on Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(1), pp.525-574.

6.      Cheng, A. (2014) The Influence of European Policy on British Land Use Planning- An Institutional Perspective, Sustainable Land Use, Liwen Publisher, Kaohsiung

7.      Cheng, A. (2013) Institutional Factors in the debates of Urban Regeneration in Taiwan, Special Issue, Journal of Land Economy

8.      Cheng, An-Ting (2013)‘Policy Co-ordination in relation to Spatial Planning in Taiwan, Spatial Planning Researcher Seminar, Cardiff

9.      Cheng, A. and Yuan, H. (2012) The dialogue of the city cluster in China –A review of literatures and the theories, Annual Conference of Taiwan Institute of Urban Planning

10.  Cheng, A. and Shih, C. (2012) The Function of Quango in Regional Development, Regional Science Association International Conference, Beijing (RSAI).

11.  Cheng, A. (2011) From spatial planning to regional governance- regional planning, organization and governnace mechanism in the New Labour, UK, Annual Conference of Taiwan Institute of Urban Planning

12.  Cheng, A. (2011) The transforming strategy for land development in globalization, Land Development Conference, Land Administration Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, ISBN .

13.  Cheng, A. (2010) Is the local government reform the only answer to regional governance? – A review of British Experience, TASPAA 2010.

14.  Cheng, A. and Chen, L. (2010) Spatial planning framework in global shift,全球- the rise of integrated European Spatial Planning, Conference for Disaster Management 2010, Tainan.

15.  Cheng, A. (2009) Spatial planning- a response to regional governance in globalization? TASPAA 2009.

16.  Chen, L. and Cheng, A. (2009) The transformation and rebirth of an industrial city- From the urban renaissance of Manchester to review Kaohsiung’s development strategy, TASPAA 2009.

17.  Cheng, An-Ting (2009) ‘Policy Coordination in Relation to Land Use Planning in Taiwan: A neo-institutionalist perspective’, School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University

Research Projects

1.     National Industrial Land Use Plan, Industrial Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, (PI) (2015~).

2.     Land Use Plan Research for Southern Four Islands National Park, Marine National Park Headquarter, (PI) (2016~2017).

3.     Spatial Plan System of Developmental State in Transition- The institutional legacy in industrial land planning, Ministry of Science and Technology, (PI) (2015~2016).

4.     The Conceptual Planning of Infrastructure for Sponge City in Xiamen, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, (PI) (2015).

5.     Mechanism Research for Urban Regional Plan, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior Affair, (PI) (2014~2015).

6.     The Coordination Mechanism for National Spatial Planning – An Institutionalist Perspective, National Science Council, (PI) (2014~2015).

7.     Habour Planning for Xiamen City - Haicang District, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, (PI) (2014).

8.    Industrial Land Use Research for National Regional Plan, Industrial Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, (PI) (2013~2014).

9.     Peng-Hu Regional Plan, Peng-Hu County Government, (Co-PI) (2013~2014).

10.   Jingxi County Spatial Planning, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, (PI) (2013~2013).

11.   Pingtung Regional Plan, Pingtung County Government, (PI) (2012~2013)

12.   Evaluation Research for Spatial Planning, Council for Economic Planning and Development, (PI) (2012~2013)

13.   Spatial Planning Approach in National Land Use Planning System, National Science Council, (PI) (2011~2012).

15.   Southern Region and Kaohsiung Habour City Integrated Planning, Kaohsiung City Government (Co-PI) (2010~2011)

16.   Regional Development and Cross-boundary Governance Research, Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan (Co-PI)((2010).

17.   Kaohsiung University City and Advanced Industrial Park Planning, Kaohsiung County Government, (Co-PI) (2009~2010).

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