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About Us


    The Department of Urban Development was approved in September 2014 and official enrollment began in 2015.  The main goals of the Department are to respond to the national need for talent , to focus on the development of a national plan for six major industries, to foster expertise for cross-border governance and urban planning, and to develop integrated courses for urban governance, urban design, urban planning and environmental planning.

Department Features

    In order to train students to think globally and plan locally, the Department acts in concert with school regulations and all Department courses are divided into two modules based on the core concepts of sustainable development and urban aesthetic.  With the four-year core curriculum of urban design and environmental planning, the Department tries to use the method of teaching teams to combine with  professional courses in  and help other areas  students to understand  future work patterns by “learning by doing,” to cultivate cross-border and integrated abilities, and to promote innovative thinking.  The core curriculum is connected with various urban and rural issues nationally and internationally, which induces students to think and to solve  problems, and to integrate learning and application after their graduation.

Vision and Educational Goals

    Because the University belongs to the Taipei City Government and is located in the political and economic center of Taiwan, and because the College of City Management is also the first college in terms of urban and regional studies in Taiwan, the Department plans to actively recruit outstanding faculty with global vision, to combine with professional experiences in the public-private sectors, and to create a competitive learning environment .  Based on the University’s linkage with other international cities, the Department intends to foster competitive and international urban planning talents through field studies and combining academic theory and practice.  The Department’s main features are as follows: 

(1)   cultivating environmental planning talent for sustainable development and cross-border governance;

(2)   cultivating urban design talents with art and humanities accomplishment;

(3)   cultivating  urban governance talent with international and local perspectives.